Videos from Mik Artistik

The Lights Are On

Christmas shenanigans... in Armley.

Window Cleaner

2007 - Mik Artistik performing Window Cleaner at 97.4 Rock FM H.Q

Who Is Mik Artistik?

Great 30min documentary from Irish film-maker Jackie Jarvis. Lovely insight into Mik, his art and the band!


A fan video, but a posh one. Directed by TV/film director Sean Conway (Shameless/Donovan/Hit and Miss)

Mik Artistik at Vic the Barbers

Biros and bags... in the barbers. South.

A Glastonbury Moment!

This was actually one of our smaller gigs at Glastonbury 2014. But it was electric to say the least!

Bryan Ferry’s Greatest Hits

Morley. Sunshine. Skips. Cassettes. Nuff said.


A very mysterious and dimly lit 2010 performance in a music studio with a small crowd, Mind your feet!

More tales…

Chat from Mik and Jonny filmed by director Bob Griffin.

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